more about auryaun

words and music, art and play: these are the things i enjoy most

What you’ll find here are a mish-mash of my creative musings, such as they are. I intend to explore different ideas as I go along. Some days I will gripe, another day I might post a drawing or a piece of music I’m working on. I just don’t know.

I used to have a WordPress blog, ages ago. I ended-up feeling constrained somehow, and limited by my own creation. This will be a fresh start for me.

My vision is simple: Be the light in the darkness. The beacon of light in the tunnel. The glimmer of hope in the dead of the night.

I don’t feel the urge to paint any more. I keep feeling like I should, and I have my supplies right there and ready, whenever I might be in the mood to grab them. I have no idea when that might be again.

I feel more and more that I want to create some sort of narrative of my life, and the thing is, when I’ve shared my stories with people, they often seem like a huge bummer—which they often were, at the time. But now that I’m so much older I feel like I can look back and see the ridiculousness of it all, in that sly sort of subtle way that I always took quality satire to be: at its true heart, actually quite funny.

I guess that’s ultimately what I hope this whole site to be, including the podcast recordings, and the music, and the tarot readings, and vlogs. I have much to share, and I know it would be compelling and surprising, even shocking.

I’ve led an interesting life