How Was Your Day?

Self to Self: How was your day?
Self to Self: Oh, okay I guess.
Self to Self: What’s wrong?
Self to Self: Nothing, really. I actually felt a bit better today than I have for the past few days.
Self to Self: Well, that’s good!
Self to Self: Sure.
Self to Self: Yeah. I managed to get a few things done. I still have to pace myself.
Self to Self: Well, we know that’s always going to be the case.
Self to Self: Yeah.
Self to Self: Yeah.
Self to Self: So, what did you do?
Self to Self: Well, I’ve wanted to get the patio a bit tidied up. It’s never been a space we can actually use—it’s always too hot, plus the squirrels have taken over. I need to move all the bird feeders to the front of the house, but that will mean taking out the big ladder, and I have to wait for a day when I feel strong enough to do that and my balance isn’t all wonky.
Self to Self: Right. Isn’t there something you can do about the squirrels?
Self to Self: At the moment, all I can seem to do is keep the feeders in hard-to-reach places and put a heavy layer of gravel over the tops of my potted plants.
Self to Self: Wow. That must be frustrating. I know how much you enjoy gardening.
Self to Self: It is. They’re cute little bastards. I picked up a gorgeous dwarf date palm and a potted grass plant for the back and swept that patio for what felt like the hundredth time this week. I also have a bunch of flowers I need to get out of their grower’s pots for the front, but all I’ve been able to do is water them since I got them. I find planting satisfying but very physical work.
Self to Self: Again, pacing yourself is okay.
Self to Self: But we just had a heatwave and I skipped two days of watering. They’re mostly hydrangeas, and even though they were pretty much shaded, they didn’t do well at all. I feel terrible when this happens because plants are helpless and rely upon on us completely. I also have a petunia dish garden I need to remake, and I’ll be adding lobelias to it. I love their electric blue color. I hope I can do it tomorrow…
Self to Self: Whatever happens, it will be fine.
Self to Self: I’m sure you’re right.

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