You may have noticed by now that I use this as my tagline, and I’ve done so for a number of years. However, so far none of my posts reflect anything (ha! a pun!) that might be described as such an attitude. This bears explaining, or at least addressing, and it might take me more than one post to do so, because this was a process for me.

First things first

I’m a singer/songwriter, and back in the 2010’s I was working on some ideas for a new solo project. I don’t enjoy performing. I have terrible stage fright. It’s so bad I have something that I call “applause deafness”, but I’m sure there’s some kind of medical title for it. Basically, I can’t tell if an audience is is wildly excited about what I’ve just done, or if a handful of people are idly patting their hands together.

Behold! The Secretary Bird. She has the eyelashes of a queen and the stomping power of an army.

In order to help me, I was creating an on-stage identity, and as part of the whole show, each person who entered the venue would get a little flashlight, and there would be a concert narrative, wherein they’d be instructed to at some point respond to me by lighting, and then holding up their little flashlights, then calling out, “Be the light in the darkness!”

So it was a whole…thing

I’ve held fast to this notion that we need to create more beauty in the world, and that beauty is the only thing that really matters. I used to have a different tagline that reflected this sentiment though I can’t recall the wording exactly. I even have an entire philosophy surrounding the idea that I call Aesthetic Radicalism. I went into it in some detail on my former website, back in the late 2000’s-early 2010’s.

But then there’s life, right?

The fact of the matter is, nobody can maintain “sweetness and light” indefinitely. Humans aren’t wired that way. As my body has degraded, my emotion-work, my Shadow Work, has become more intensified—indeed, perhaps because of these things has my physical deterioration been so intense and rapid over the past decade. I’m not in a place at the moment where I can or want to pretend life isn’t as messy as it is. I speak truth to power as much as possible. I take care of my plant friends. I’m not so good when it comes to nurturing my human friends. I miss having an animal friend.

Which is to say, you’ll be getting me as I come, warts and all.