Hip-Hip, Hooray! What a frustrating day!

This is purely where I’m going to vent my spleen here, so if you’re against such things I suggest you look away now. Like, right now.

I managed to get 2 of my 7 daily Rxs filled. Some of them I don’t quite need yet, as I was getting them all filled on a regular basis, but not always taking them when I was hospitalized over all those many months. So, thankfully, I have a few of the most expensive ones on hand still. But I was still surprised by a $25 total when I’m not supposed to be paying more than $1.30-$3.00 per Rx on the plan I’ve been put on. I used the suggested pharmacy by said plan (and no, they won’t be getting any free advertising from me here). I didn’t argue at the time, as I was already suuuuuper aggravated from struggling with getting various technological aspects of my new online world to play nicely with each other. I can’t spend a lot of time doing this without my body going into a sort of personal lockdown, with either, 1) painful migraines, and/or 2) painful rectal cramping. Hooray!

But, Doctor, I need them!

I wasn’t a happy camper when I had to head over to said pharmacy and was just in a lot of pain, so I grabbed what I needed and headed back home to get a cozy as I could. Luckily, it’s raining today (a strange thing for the SF Bay Area in April, though not unheard of).

Here’re the specifics of what’s paining me tech-wise:

  • I am using WordPress.com to host this blog (obvi)
  • I am using YouTube to host video content
  • I am using IFTTT to have YouTube automatically post new videos to WordPress
  • I am using Anchor.fm to record a bedtime story podcast (I used to use a different tool)
  • I use Feedburner to distribute my podcast to iTunes
  • I am using MailChimp to create and manage a mailing list, with a signup form here on this site (hopefully you’ve already signed up?)
Having a sort of…well, you know. A day.

Here’re the issues I’m running into:

  • Anchor.fm keeps telling me that my feed hasn’t been correctly redistributed, even though Anchor.fm and iTunes both show all of my episodes, as does Feedburner
  • IFTTT recipes have not been posting at all, or if they do, the content has been incomplete, requiring me to create a duplicate, scheduled post in WordPress
  • MailChimp’s tools have been tricky to manage, and they don’t explain the fact that when you indicate you want to create an automated email, you still have to add RSS merge tag fields to your template. Now, why would that be? Surely, if your aim is to create an automated campaign, the templates available should have some kind of pre-populated information and you just jump in and edit them, yes?

But, oh no. No.

So I’m going to sit back and have a glass of wine now. Fuck this noise.

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