In The Morning: an Original Song by Auryaun

I call this a “wake-a-bye”. Is that ridiculous? If so, it’s totally on-brand for me!

This song was originally written back in the mid-90’s, and the guitar I wrote it on had a warped neck (which I never realized, because at the time, my ear just wasn’t trained enough to be able to hear it. Le sigh.) So while I’m putting this out here in the world, the vocal melody has serious issues, since this guitar has fantastic intonation. I like the sentiment of the song, the lyrics, the strum pattern…but, yeah. I just don’t know if I’ll ever be able to re-work this so that it can actually…work.

The recording above was also done around 2009, before I got my new camera. I’m not sure the off-shoulder blouse was a good decision, either. But, hey, let me know your thoughts.

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