President says, “Don’t be threatening. Be nice”

He lies in the air and when caught lies more

Does this seem like a natural response to you? When the reporter points out the blatant “error”, he spins it as though she’s attacking him. Excuse me?!

This is why “nobody trusts the media any more”?! No, Sir, mistrust of the media is due to the fact that all major media is controlled (in the USA) by four corporations, and so one is forced to invest more time and energy comparing and contrasting what various outlets are saying, as well as trying to stay connected to independent sources when possible.

“I look great. Nobody looks better than me”

Secondly, we have a President who blatantly lies. Probably on purpose. There’s no way that a person could lie that much and not be aware of it. He simply doesn’t care. He thinks he is above everything, because Mitch McConnell has had his back this whole time, and they’ve been very creative in their misapplication of the law. So all Mr Cheeto has to do is billy people and yell over them or suggest to a woman of color that she needs to “be nice” (in a weird amalgamation of virtue signaling and dog whistling), and his followers will eat that shit up with a spoon.

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