Still Sheltering (natch), Day 5. So what's with all the people?

Yes, I am aware these are out of order

Ao…there seems to be a steady stream of people walking around my neighborhood, and I don’t get it. What do they not understand about “shelter-in-place”?! Am I taking it too literally? I mean, I was forced to go outside for about 90 minutes yesterday, and I did encounter quite a few people, in a way. I kept my distance in the best way I could. I have a mask, and I suppose I should have taken it with me and worn it, but that’s another story–

Okay, here’s the story: we live in a 4-plex, of which there are thousands here in Silicon Valley. One of our neighbors recently moved, so there’s a free spot in the carport. The neighbors in one of the other units asked the landlord for permission to park there at the same time I did, and he said whomever gets there first, can park in it.

I’m currently parked there, and haven’t had to leave the house for well over a week. Hm. Actually, up to yesterday, it was closer to 10 days. I discovered yesterday when I went to leave that one of the neighbors had chosen to park behind me. They know who I am and which unit I live in, so they could have at least given me a head’s-up. But, no. This was a dickish move in the extreme.

Oh, you are fiendishly clever

So how am I supposed to respond to something like that? If I respond with anything other than friendly civility, I feel like I’m risking damage to my car. As it is, they may have already chosen to do something dickish to my car, just because I parked there. Oh, at this time I need to point out that there’s plenty of street parking at the moment. I usually prefer to park in front of my house, because my anxious paranoia prefers a vantage where I can keep an eye on my car. The carport is in the back, and I have no way to see if anything is happening back there.

Anyway…I ended-up borrowing my brother’s car. He and I share this apartment. Since I didn’t end up entering my car and I switched the sets of keys inside the house, I failed to grab the face mask that was in my center console. In hindsight I probably should have done that.

Oh, and to bring the Parking Dick story to its current state: I left what I thought was a fairly friendly note on their windshield that of course it’s totally cool for them to park behind me, but maybe we could coordinate a bit better, and it’s a lucky thing I no longer have cancer treatment, so I don’t need to get out every day, and here’s my number and I live in this particular unit. I don’t know if they’ve seen the note or if they give a shit. It was just such a nasty thing to do in the first place, I still can’t believe it. Just talk to me! I even said something along the lines of, “hey, if you’d rather not get your car wet (we’ve had some rains recently) and you’d rather have your car in the front spot and me behind you, just let me know”, which of course if you read between the lines is pointing out what a dick they are to trap someone in like that but at the same time if there’s a reason they want to be back there instead of in front where there’s currently plenty of parking because the local businesses that usually take up the street parking have ceased operations.

Ugh, it makes no sense. Oh, well. We shall see what happens.

They say Night Owls have higher IQs

So, yeah, Day 5. Whee. My sleep is totally upside-down again, but I tend to love nightime living. It’s as if there’s more room for my consciousness to expand and exist when there are fewer people taking up the space with their mindless chatter…and it’s not as though I hear chatter, or anything. Night just feels more quiet and the quietude is both soothing and expanding for me. There’s a saying that “nothing good ever happens after 2:00 AM”, but I have to diagree. Some of my best and most fun moments have happened in the small hours, but I had to learn and grow enough in order appreciate what the night has to offer. Night energy is…different.

But that’s a yet another post.

To circle back to my original thought: why are people just walking around and shit, like there’s nothing going on?! There’s this constant, and I mean constant flow of people during the day going past my window on the sidewalk. They’re just strolling around. Maybe that’s harmless? Am I being too cautious? My brother has weak lungs and could get seriously ill if he caught the Coronavirus. We are using disinfectant on our shoes each time we come back in from going to get the mail, and we even spray the mail!

So what is it? I’m genuinely asking. Someone please enlighten me.

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