Okay, if Day #4 was on 3/21, that makes today…um, Day #10!

I figured it out, m’kay. Stop looking at me like that.

The Setup

I’ve spent the past week on my computer, playing with all the back-end bits that will make this new little universe I’m creating work in a cohesive fashion. Or at least one can hope.

It involved downloading all of my old videos from my original YouTube site that had multiple copyright strikes due to music mentions (YouTube really cracked down) and there was no way I was going to be able to grow my site from that point onward. It was too small as it was to recover from that.

So I created a new site, a new account, all everything, shiny and new, just like this website. There was searching for an app that would let me mass download entire playlists (that took a day to find), then another day to download everything. Then yet another day to upload everything to the new site.

Then I had to hook everything up, like getting my Feedburner pointing to my correct podcast of reading bedtime stories that I had started back in 2013/2014, and had allowed to languish for quite some time. Oh, and getting my IFTTT pointing to the correct website, feeds, Google Analytics, and all of that stuff.

And then there’s MailChimp. It’s been a few years since I’ve used any of these tools, and they’ve changed just enough to make it difficult to get a new workflow going. I made a huge mistake getting my MailChimp setup.

I wound up feeling like this guy, but without the ab workout.

The Mistake

So, I got back into MailChimp, using my newly-minted email address, and began to build my first “campaign”. Now, I don’t have anything to sell at this point, so I just made the message about welcoming new subscribers, as an acknowledgement for signing up from the popout form I put on this site (which I hope feels normal and not annoying).

Okay, so after a day or so, I had that all set. I thought. Yeah, pretty much.

Then, MailChimp suggested that I, of course, being a normal human being have all manner of contacts already that I should import to my begin to “build my audience”. I had about 30, when I looked through and filtered out all the numbers of service providers and numbers where I know a live human never answers and such. I suddenly realized how many of these I have. Huh.

So I blissfully imported them, and then began to craft a special survey message to send them, the point of which was to ask them if they wanted to join my list, and if so, how often they’d like to hear from me, and if so, how often that might be.

Sounds great, right?

While You Were Out

Then I had to leave the house to get groceries before the supermarket closed for the night. I’d put the finishing touches on it when I got back home and send it out. At the store people were really bad about distancing. It was creepy and annoying. There were many empty shelves. I think we’re going to see more of that in the coming weeks and months, and people might actually start to go hungry just because our distribution channels have been so disrupted.

This is becoming our reality

People aren’t talking enough about this. If nothing else, the COVID19 pandemic should reveal our true weaknesses: our inadequate healthcare and distribution infrastructures. [political rant warning:] Bernie Sanders would do a lot more to correct this from a policy perspective than Joe Biden ever could. Sigh. [/end rant]

Back to The Project

I got home and went back into MailChimp, only to find that I’d automatically sent out the “thanks for subscribing” email out while I was shopping. YOW. That must have been the most confusing and annoying spammy kind of thing…there were a few unsubscribes, but luckily nobody reported me. I paused the campaign immediately, not realizing I’d needed to do that before. D’oh!

At that point, it seemed the best thing to do was to shut down the computer for the night.

Which I didn’t do, until after I had repeatedly tried, unsuccessfully, to connect WordPress to IFTTT, so that when all the YouTube videos I uploaded to my new Channel would also post here. I have a long pipeline programmed, (if it in fact works for me). Fingers crossed!

I was not able to make that connection last night, after trying for well over an hour, and being terribly confused to locate the settings to ascertain whether I did or did not enable 2-step verification. The problem has to do with the multiple dashboards you get now with WordPress.om sites. You get the real dashboard, that looks like what I remember it looking like when I had a self-hosted site. (I don’t have that right now as I’m broke, being disabled), then there’s a second “dashboard lite” you get where the settings you can actually control are, and THEN there’s yet another area where the Theme Customization takes place. So it was hard for me to find those settings, or, once having found them and doing what I needed to do, remembering where they were so I could work with that setting again.

I get migraines if I work on a computer for too long. I also have Ani Levator Syndrome (sometimes called levator ani syndrome), so I have to spend most of my time lying down, preferably on my side. I do as much of this fiddling around as I can on the analogous mobile apps, but they are seriously lacking in functionality. Oh well. I will get that email sent out after-the-fact, and see what happens.

Is this TMI? No? Okay, cool. I was worried.

My apologies to those whom will never read these words. I hope you’re well. You’ll miss out on all the good stuff, too.

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