Day 3 (of 21) Shelter-In-Place: Still going fine, as you’d expect

I had cancer, and spent many days, even weeks, lying in bed or being desperately housebound, so this has been easy so far. I don’t think my very outgoing daughter is doing as well. She’s a huge extrovert, plus she’s with a community theater group, and they were supposed to have started rehearsals for their current show already.

Many people seem to be using a video conferencing app known as Zoom. I’m not linking it, as this isn’t a paid sponsorship or anything, it’s just an observation. I’ve noticed both professionals using it for business meetings as well as folks using it for casual fun: my daughter had a 2-hour face chat with 9 of her theater friends on it last night, and her theater company is using it for virtual rehearsals. Have you used it? What’s your take on it?

I’ve heard all kinds of stories of people making runs on toilet paper. This is so odd to me. I use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program, and so I buy these things in bulk. I get much more product and I pay a fraction of the price in bulk as I would have paid in the store.

In other words, the bulk price is lower than the in-store price. That’s hard to beat.

Plus, due to a glitch in their system, I’ve been getting additional shipments from an old account that no longer exists. I’m not being billed for these items (and frankly, I really have no place to store them, so it’s more annoying than anything).

One person made a TikTok noting that the TP buying frenzy is due to the fact that people (he means men) tend to poop at work. Since they’re now forced to work from home, they need extra TP. That’s a workable hypothesis, I guess. As a woman, I seldom ever pooped at work. There used to be a thing in Elementary School that was “poop shaming”.

Poop-shaming never takes a holiday

It would go like this: you’re just about to finish up having completed evacuating your bowels, when another girl and her friend come in. (It’s never done alone, always with at least one other person, preferable only with one. Too many others and it seems like you’re just a random bully.)

One of the girls notices, quite loudly (while you’re just about to flush) how odorous the room is. How absolutely vile and disgusting the stench is. The language is mine, of course. These are usually young girls, around 9 or 10.

Stenchiness” can follow you everywhere

Anyway, you flush, and now you have to face the commentators: You are The Vile and Disgusting Maker of Stenches. May you one day rot in the pit of your own stenchiness, for having given the tender noses of these young and delicate maidens a moment of despair.

Sadness knows you forever

So, yeah. I’m pretty sure most American women have experienced something akin to this. I know my daughter has, and she’s two generations removed from me (I’m GenX, she’s GenZ. Is my math right on that? I got screwed-up on math because I had New Math for about 18 months before it went away).

I think it’s also likely that people think the virus will cause them to have diarrhea–which it won’t, but I think people believe it will. I think the Spanish Flu, which became the standard for “influenza”, shortened to “the flu” is where that came from. Although I’m currently on the internet and have vast capabilities for looking this up to see if I’m correct, I’m not going to do so for reasons.

In any event, I hope you and yours are faring well, in whatever condition and state you’re currently in. Much love to you.

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