Welp, my area is now under a three-week isolation/quarantine

I’ve never gone through this before, but starting this morning at midnight and going until April 7, we are instructed to stay in our homes as much as possible. Grocery stores, banks, and other types of “essential services” will remain operational, but we are to limit our use as much as we can and stay indoors.

I’m guessing the three weeks is to get ahead of the 14-day gestation of the Coronavirus, so that makes sense. I’m an introvert and can easily spend days, if not weeks, at a time at home. But to have it enforced feels…funny. It feels wrong.

Of course, when I underwent my cancer treatment I spent many days at a time not seeing anyone but my roommates (who are my daughter and one of my brothers). I think it was quite easy for me to sequester myself for a few weeks at a time without realizing it, but that’s because I was exhausted and weak.

I tend to be a rebel. Will I suddenly have the urge to take walks around my neighborhood at 2:00 AM? Will I find it needful to get ice cream from the local convenience store in the small hours?

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