The Story of Swallow: DELUXE EDITION

This album merges an array of genres seamlessly into one perfect collection. The Story of Swallow contains lyricism that will draw you in due to the artist’s wordplay and powerful messages. From the minimalistic and message-heavy “There Is Nothing” to the Celtic-rock “Reconfiguration,” Auryaun delivers melodic bliss combined with poetic depth across the record. Her unique voice and immersing delivery will hook one’s attention from the first note. The deluxe version includes 3 bonus tracks never before published. This beautiful music is a deeply personal examination of power struggles, trauma, and emotional release.

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Bleh, Meh, and Just Generally Eh…

family, confession booth, friends, depression, sadness, friends, isolationBleh, Meh, and Just Generally Eh…

I’ve watched a lot of movies and television, with a sprinkling of redditing for good measure. This makes me well-informed as to what’s going on in the world while not being in the world. Is that not what our Lord-and-Savior Jeebus Kreebus said we should do? It reminds me of the goal of meditation, which is abnegation of the self/ego and “become one” with source energy (a.k.a. God).

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Moving Through Grieving

early childhood, trauma, C-PTSD, thoughts, grief, family, Moving Through Grieving

My older brother must have become my protector. This woman was trying to leave her entire family and make a “fresh” start. My dad bringing her back was to force her to confront her obligations and not saddle him with the impossible: supporting a full-time nanny to care for the kids on his technician’s salary.

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music, excitement new music, new song, soundcloudCheck out my mixdowns on Soundcloud

I got super excited about the way this track is coming together, so I wanted to send you a note and ask you to head over to Soundcloud to give it a listen.

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Auryaun (“Orion”) is an artist, singer, and songwriter from San Francisco, California. Starting at a young age in a musical family, she immersed herself in the music of varying artists such as Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Laurie Anderson, PJ Harvey, Seal, Kansas, Yes, and Rush, who have all played a major role in her musical influence. Through her emotion-filled tunes, Auryaun radiates raw feeling using unique instrumentation to serve her goal of finding wholeness and helping others do the same.